Formating a USB Disk

Hi Community

How can I format a disk that’s attachet to one of the USB port?

Use a computer to format it, then plug it in.   The My Cloud doesn’t provide a method to format the disks.

I don’t believe you can using the dashboard. The USB drive needs to be pre-formatted before attaching it. But if you do want to still format it AFTER attaching it, be aware, it will be formatted in Linux ext4 format, which is not readable on Windows or Mac computer without additional software. So think carefully before pursuing formatting from the Mirror, which is essentially a Linux computer. But if you still want to format it while attached to the Mirror, google yourself on how to format a drive in Linux. It’ll need to be done via SSH, if it can be done at all. I’m just not sure if the limited OS Busybox even ships with mkfs utility that you’ll need. You’ll have to try and find out yourself.