Format WDMyCloud but not in Dashboard (No access)

Is it possible to format my WDMyCloud drive and make it a regular drive?
I emailed the support and they said I have a faulty device and contact any data recovery company but it will cost me a lot so I decided to wipe it all out.

BTW, my device is getting an IP address but it’s just temporary since it’s rebooting after 1-2minutes. Never turned to blue LED.

I have an enclosure where I can connect my drive and reformat from my MacBook Pro.

If you want to continue to use a blank or new hard drive in a single bay My Cloud enclosure then one can follow one of the various methods of “unbricking” one can find using the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right). User Fox_Exe has posted directions that work for unbricking or replacing a My Cloud hard drive that many have used successfully.

First gen v3.x/v4.x single bay My Cloud:

Second gen v2.x single bay My Cloud:

If you are removing the My Cloud hard drive from the My Cloud enclosure to use as a internal hard drive on a computer or in an external SATA hard drive adapter/enclosure then one can simply partition and format the drive using the computer’s OS tools for formatting a hard drive. Perform an internet search for how to partition and format a hard drive for your computer OS.

You cannot remove the My Cloud hard drive from the enclosure, connect it to a computer and expect to access the My Cloud Dashboard. The My Clodu firmware is designed/configured to run specifically on the hardware contained within the My Cloud enclosure.

One can search the internet for various videos of how to remove the internal hard drive from a single bay My Cloud enclosure.

You may be able to recover the data:

You may them be able to follow one of the ‘unbricking’ guides Bennor suggested, and get your device working, if it has corrupt firmware, and isn’t a fault with the control board.