Format WD Black dual drive

I have a WD Black dual drive disk that I want to format and install on another laptop. How do I format the SSD and HDD to receive O.S. Windows 8.1 (SSD) and data files (HDD)?


This is pretty basic and assumes you have experience at installing the Windows OS.

Install the drive into the PC you want to run Windows on
Insert Windows Install media, USB or DVD
Boot your PC from the install media (USB or DVD)
Start Windows install of CUSTOM installation
Remove ALL partitions
Create A new partition of this size (I’m pretty sure the install uses MBytes so use 114440)
If I’m wrong here are the numbers for KBytes, and GBytes as well

KBytes: 117187500
MBytes: 114440
GBytes: 111.75

Install Windows on it
When it’s done and booted to desktop open the DiskManager and you will see there is a very large unused unallocated partition. This will be your 1TB part and will become Drive D: of the Black². So just set it up with defaults as a new partition NTFS.

Where you have installed Windows Drive C: is the SSD part of the Black².

I have Windows 10 on mine and it’s working fine.


Thanks very much for your explanation :wink: .

I was thinking of making a clone of HDD disk where I want to install Black2, is it a wrong procedure?

I’m very sure you could use Acronis to do this and it would work if done properly. You would just setup the one partition for C: as mentioned and then clone it there. You MIGHT have to use a windows recovery disk if you don’t get a boot. Just run the Boot Trouble shooter and it usually fixes it. After you get a good boot use Disk manager to establish the remaining space to a partition for the D: drive. You’ll need to remember to install ALL new software that you can to the D: drive as C: will only be ~120GB.

If it doesn’t work by cloning…just start over again. :slight_smile:

I would suggest you install Windows as a Custom Install so it’s fresh (new installation) rather than clone it. It will work a lot better in my opinion.

Also note that you DO NOT have to use Windows Disk Manager to set up the 1st partition. You can use what ever software you want by connecting the Black² via USB on a working computer. Install the partitioning software you like and have at it. Make only that one partition for C: drive so you don’t have any confusion about where to clone/install the OS. Installation of Windows will make other partitions so remember do not remove them once you have Windows installed unless you are starting all over.

Here is a very informative thread about the Black² with a lot of info! Good luck!

A lot of info??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

What an epic journey!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was in doubt if it install the 8.1 or the 10. I will do a clean installation with usb bootable.

My laptop is also an HP Pavilion (x360-11), I hope to be lucky with the installation and with Black2.

One question, for formatting the Black2, MBR or GTP? GTP right?

Note: I am using MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition (or by Diskpart is better?)

Thanks for all information, I will give you feedback on my adventure.

I would do GPT if it were an option…some BIOS, older ones before UEFI, you have no choice.

Yeah I want to come back and read about your success! So keep us up to date! :wink: