Format New Hard Drive?

Just a newb question. Just got my new RMA HD, waiting on Windows 7 to come in. Should I format this HD before I load Windows, or is it ok just to go ahead and load up OS?

I recommend simply selecting the drive to install Windows on to and Windows will partition and format it for you. You can optionally do it manually during Windows setup.

Thanks for the reply. Will do this.

I assume you have already installed Windows 7 on your new HDD, but for the benefit of anyone else reading this post and in similar circumstances, if you decide to partition your disc for Windows 7 using the manual option, you have to make the partition large enough to fit the Windows 7 files into, plus I added another 500Mb to fit future updates and fixes into.

On my desktop pc, I made the partition size 2,500Mb which is enough for the job.

David Grieve