Format Issue (Caviar Green)

Hi. I have a problem. My new bought WD Caviar Green 1TB Sata2 64MB (WD10EARS) HDD isn’t shown when i try to format disk. I use Win 7 x64. But I also tried to format it to Win XP but the problem occurs anyway.

In BIOS settings, i can see my WD HDD. At the beginning it’s shown also. But when I turn on the PC it’s not shown as a Harddrive… I get to the Device Manager and my WD HDD is shown in “Other Devices”, but not in “Disc Drivers”. My old Seagate HDD is shown and I use it for years… By the way it’s not shown in the Disc Management. So what should I do? I can’t format the disk, so i can’t use it. I bought it two days ago and really want to solve the problem. Is it because of my PC, or the HDD? If it’s the HDD, i’m going to get it to the retailer company (Exa).

Sorry for bad Eng. And I’d really happy if it’s solved.

Also sorry that I opened this topic at “Other Internal Drives” section. Please lock it.

Hey there, test the drive with the WD Diagnostic tool for DOS, If it p**bleep**es it means the drive is fine, in that case ensure you run all the BIOS, Drivers and operating system updates on this computer, as a last resort try it on a different computer or just go to WD web site and request the replacement of the drive if none of the above help. 

I gave it to Warranty Service. Until it comes, i can’t test the problem. But really thank you! If warranty service doesn’t solve the problem and this does, then I’ll accept this help as a solution. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Warranty Service gave me a new one and it works! Turns out, the HDD was broken.