FORMAT- dont ming losing files!


I bought a 1Tb My Book last year and put a password to it. I used it for 2 times and just put some pics in it. Now im trying to use it again but i have no idea what the password is. I already tried everything i could think of ( i should say im not dull on pc issues) but i cant get pass through it. When i connect the device, it prompts the message for me to put the password  error.jpgin but, like i said, i dont know it. I NEED HELP WITH THIS, PLEASE!!

I dont mind losing the pics i had put in it before (i still have them on a sd).

I’ve read lots of posts advising that i should format, but I dont have that option!

The screen above is the only screen that i get when i plug it in. Its not recognizing it as another device on My Computer either.

What should I do? Please, please, somebody… there has to be away around this.


Keep trying the password afrter about 5 tries it should give you a prompt asking to clean drive. There is no known password reset either.


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Visit the link below, scroll down till the “Failed Login” section and follow the instructions, you should be able to unlock your drive, but be aware that it will format your drive, thus all data will be lost:

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Thanks, it worked.

To think i had tried everything but to actually type 5 incorrect passwords, but who cares now!?

I got my hdd fully working!

Thanks again!