Forgot the SSH password

… and I really do not want to have to reset. I changed the password a while ago and have forgotten (i.e. its not welc0me).

However, I really wish not to reset it completely as I have a large amount of data and Time Machine backups on their as well.

If anyone has any pointers, it would be REALLY helpful!


Dude, I think you’ll have to reset it to factory defaults…

bad things if there is no way to change it over the web interface then yes you need to restore the setting


Hi guys,

Thanks for the tips! My initial reaction: WHY? I have SL backups AND 50GB of Music and Movies on there (around 200GB of stuff all up) with no drive to move them too.

WD - would it be possible to add an option to ‘reset SSH password’ via the web interface or even the Windows Program? I think that having to wipe out the data is a tad sad; it seems odd that you can do a ‘soft reset’ which changes the webgui password back and network settings, but not change the ssh password.

Again, many thanks for confirming what I hoped not to be the case.

Be careful with changing SSH password. I contacted support recently to discuss SSH and this is what they mentioned during my discussion: “SSH is for advanced users and WD Support. WD does not support any FW modified by user and may require a restore to a supported condition.”