Forgot Password -- What are my options?

I backed up my music onto a My Book Essential for PC, and very stupidly, forgot the password. If anyone can run down some potential options for recoving the music apart from digging up my old PC and backing up everything again, I would  be very grateful.

Thanks in advance for any help.

There is no reset if you can’t remember it you are out of luck.


Not meant as a serious option, but it’s an honest answer…

The only way I know of would be to pay a few million for some time on a supercomputer to crack the encryption by a brute force attack.  The encryption isn’t meant to be easily bypassed, or it’d be pointless.  And a brute force attack from a normal desktop would take more than your lifetime.

As Joe says, as unfortunate as it is, if you can’t enter the correct password, the data is lost to you for all intents and purposes.

The upside is that at least you have another copy (unless digging it up wasn’t a euphemism, and your other copy really is in a landfill somewhere)… many folks end up unable to unpassword their one and only copy of something they “can’t live without.”  

Moving things to a different drive is no safer than leaving them where they were in the first place… it isn’t a “backup”… a backup is a second, or third, or fourth copy, since all media will fail sooner or later… but it’s a lesson many people learn the hard way, and only after it’s too late.