Forgot my HDD password

Hi, guys!

I’m lil’ bit ashamed at the moment, but I must confess. I use WD HDD’s to store my personal data. Each HDD is for some data in one time period, for example - pictures, documents and so on for year 2009 till 2010.

But then the sh**s happened.

I forgot the pswd for one of those HDD and like allways - the one I need the most. There is one chance (at least I know only one - using Hirens boot tools) how I can unlock this HDD, but for this I need Master PSWD. Where and HOW can I get this Password?

Yeah, this sounds lil’ bit fu**ed up and I’m very pis**d off on myself, but each day without data from this HDD gets much more worser and worser. It’s allmost question of life and death at this moment.

Please help me!