Forget password pls help

hi everyone… i bought my new Passport Essential 2 months ago… but havnt use it since then… Now i need to use it but i forget the password…

may i ask anyone if you know the series or password do’s and dont’s when you still creating your own password. I think i can build my password from there.

so sorry to take your time. plsssss help…


I was looking for a solution for my problem, but I think I found the solution for yours… I went here:

Firmware update

and downloaded the firmware update, I also cannot unlock my Passport, so I ran it and there was a prompt that said:

‘Erase My Passport Essential; too many attempts’

And there was a checkbox that would reformat your drive… since, as you said, you have not used your drive in a long time, and do not care to loose whatever you uploaded these, this might be something for you to try…