Foreign movie names, especially those with accents


I have a French movie in my collection called Etre Au Revoir, the E of Etre has an accent over it, i don’t know how to make my keyboard do that here. It seems the accent over the E is making my Hub sort it to the end of the alphabet, not in E.

I’d imagine I could rescan it under the english title, but I would prefer to keep foreign language films with their original titles and sorted in their correct alphabetical position.

The other thing is that it has also scrapped the description of the film in French…which isn;t very useful for me.

Edit: I found a thread that explained you need to change the .xml Overview section for the above, can this be done for individual films…and how do i do this?!

2nd Edit: I found the .xml file in the films folder on the Hub, edited it to how i wanted it, saved it…no change :confused:

Also, background art takes FOREVER to load, normally i’m at least half way through reading a movie description before any art loads, which is then distracting. Is there a way of getting these loading faster / just having one instead of rotating!?!

Are there any solutions to this?

Ed (runnin 2.03.24)

it’s a bug or not i don’t know… but you can’t put any accents whatsoever even by editing xmls

My film is currently being displayed WITH an accent over the E, which is causing the problem of being sorted in the wrong place. I was hoping to get the Hub to ignore the accent so it sorted in E, not at the end of the alphabet.