Forced to reset

Mine starts up muted every once and a while. I’m sure I am not hittng mute on the remote.

Hi to everyone, this my first post.

Glad it’s not just me.

I have the latest Gen 4 (I believe) WD TV.  Overall, I’m very pleased, coming from an old HDX-1000.

The lastest firmware, which I assume is the culprit, does seem rather buggy though. MKV’s usually play fine but the WD TV sometimes needs a power reset/reboot in order to play - not 100% consistant.

However, the main problem for me is when I go from playing MKV’s to ‘Services’ like YouTube or AOL HD etc, is that I then have video but no audio. A reboot once again fixes the problem (until next time). Very irritating.

WD please get this issue resolved ASAP.


Same here. WD please solve !!!


I cannot understand why my (regrettably) reset WD TV Live continues to open up with AOLHD instead of the mochi interface.

I’m not that techno savvy, so any help is greatly appreciated!



It appears to be a Major problem with the Player that WD cant fix.

Its fine if you dont want to stop, pause, turn off the player.

firmware downgrade did not fix it.

It gets “stuck” playing an MP4

I can turn it off from the power button on the remote, & it keeps playing!

I can hear the sound of the movie, but with no light on the LED.

Only way to fix it is to pull the power cord.

I shouldn’t need to do this after watching every movie.

I can recreate the problem easily by pausing a playing movie.

Same problem on two different devices. 

I thought it had something to do with accessing the media on a NAS device.  

Does anyone experience this on USB connected drives (I won’t do that, but just looking for common threads).

This is maddenning.  

Today is Black Friday…I might need to do some shopping.  :frowning:

The only thing I have found that works is the unit needs to be unplugged for 24 hours.

The player will locate the video but refuses to play the video, A reset seems to only be a temporay fix.

I completely rebooted the network left the unit unplugged for 24 hours and that fixed the problem unilt I left it powered on over night and it did the same thing again.

I have noticed that it also does the same thing with a USB drive plugged in. It locates the video and when you go to play it it will continue to scroll trying to play the Video.

Like you I have 2 of these devices and one no longer works because I have coruppted the system trying to find a fix

Ditto. WDTV Media Player that I’ve had since early part of this year. It has been working great most of the year. Recently however, can’t seem to get through a movie without pauses, lack of audio, complete loss of control via the remote. Sometimes the movie will come back and keep playing but I still don’t have control with the remote, other times it’ll go to a black screen and just hang there, never to return.

In all cases, the only way to recover is to pull the power and plug it back in, let it go through the whole startup again. Then it’ll eventually crash again. Just tried to watch a 2:20 movie, had to reset four times.

You know, I got burned by the whole “legacy” WDTV Live, then later the Live Plus, with all the bogus, untested, horrible firmware updates. At least on the old units you could ignore the firmware updates and keep working exactly as before. Not so this one, it eventually over rides you and throws it on.


Once burned, twice shy, three times I’m a moron. Time to cave into the collective and buy someone else’s product. Which is really too bad, as these products have such serious potential to be **bleep** good. What a waste…


I’ve been reading about people’s movies breaking up after 30 mins but four resets in a 2 hour movie is ridiculous. Could it be overheating or are you playing from LAN and something might be messing up the connection?

I’m playing from a NAS device, a Seagate. At first I suspected a networking issue. However, the NAS is on the same network segment as the WDTV, both connected to a 1GBit switch and statically IP’d, and every time I had this problem last night I used a PC on another segment (all 1Gbit) to test throughput to that NAS device and it’s fine.

Further, in the past when I had them both connected to a 100Mbit switch, the symptoms of inadequate throughput were buffering and pixellation. These symptoms are nothing like that.

Finally, I’m more convinced it’s a WDTV issue, because one of the symptoms of when it happens is that I get some minor pauses, audio drops out, and then sometimes it actually continues. However, at that point I totally lose control via the remote; although it is still playing the movie it is unresponsive to my commands. The only way to get it back is to pull the power cord and reset.

Dunno if it’s overheating. And if it is, what could I do about it? It’s on an open shelf with nothing around it.


That should rule out overheating but what I meant about network issues is that some service or server in your network might send packets throwing off the WDTV. For most people, fixing master browser issues allows them to connect to network shares without losing them any more so I guess, it might be something similar in your case. The question is, what could it be? Jumbo frames, UPNP? You don’t experience this playback breaking off on files played from USB, right?

As I wrote  here there’s not enough info yet on how to reproduce this bug.

As I wrote  here there’s not enough info yet on how to reproduce this bug.

That’s all fine and good…but this is a retail device, marketed at retail customers. While I understand when you discuss “jumbo frames and UPNP”, the average retail buyer is just gonna say “it doesn’t work, give me a refund, I’ll buy that thing from Amazon”.

And that’s a big, big “fale” on WD’s part.

If you can’t “reproduce” the failure, then don’t put the item on the market until you do…and fix it.


Edit: in response to your question about playing from USB: I don’t know if the problem happens with locally-attached USB. I have not tried it, and I’m not going to do WDTV’s investigations for them. I bought this device exclusively to stream media from my DLNA NAS devices; if it cannot do that dependably then I’ll go find another product that will.

Simply put, I’m looking for a device that will allow me to sit at my TV, hit a couple buttons on my Harmony remote, and start playing media, something I can show my wife how to use.

Not an attack on you - I do sincerely appreciate your responses - but if I wanted to get all techie and be a tester/investigator I’d go build myself an HTPC. But I don’t.

I get that and I agree that it’s not your job. Still, as long as nobody experiencing this particular bug provides enough intel on what’s happening,  I don’t see a chance of WD fixing this anytime soon. Apparently they did not encounter it in their internal testing and with sparse info like that, they just can’t reproduce it. From what I’ve read here on the forum it would appear this bug is tied to network playback rather than local playback.

There certainly are other possibilities

  1. only due to media streamer: from time to time only using WDTV to stream from my MBL using MBL dlna server the streaming stops and after about 20 to 30 second all that was missed streams through at high speed and norma streaming begins again. Not seen for a while.
  2. avoid the new wdtv “Windows 8 like” interface. Switch to the old interface.
  3. I use my Windows 8 only in “windows 7 mode”. I have a 8 window open only when forced to. Some new Windows 8 software have built in " new technology" that if even due to just a network glitch deems your software unlicensed then will shut it down perhaps causing the problems you see. And network setup in regards to aforementioned “masters” is different between 8 and 7. Could be confusing the matter.
  4. I found out that one port on a router at least could be defective and wasted hours on discovering that so try network tcp diagnosis and switching ethernet connections on the back of your hub.

WD TV 1.01.30 firmware

I watch all my MP4s and MKVs via USB sticks (no streaming).

After approximately 30 minutes of MKV play, the WD TV freezes to a black screen.

I can then press the back button to return to the selection menu, but all the files listed will no longer play (infinite loading spirals only).

Switching the device off and then on does NOT fix this issue.

I have to either select restart from the settings menu or unplug to reboot.

I’m on the verge of throwing this ‘new’ model in the trash and obtaining another (old) LIVE model.

The final 2.02.32 firmware on the LIVE model was garbage as well but I had no issues with 2.01.86 whatsoever.

sinister13 wrote:
I’m on the verge of throwing this ‘new’ model in the trash and obtaining another (old) LIVE model.

Which most likely won’t help cause that freezing bugs  has been reported for the SMP as well.

…but the Live model can be fixed with a firmware rollback to 2.01.86, unlike this ‘new’ model.

unfortunatley we will have to wait for a new firmware update :cry:  hopefully soon

I have tried to see if there is a fix for this problem but as yet I haven:t had a response.

Best of luck because I dont think thay can replicate the problem.

What I do now to fix the problem which seems to work is turn the power off to the unit after use. Its no use using the remote to power it off it has to be switched off ot the power or unpluged.

Also reboot the network if the problem persiss because the more this problem occurs it appears to be a nework problem.

It will find its way around the network and even locate the file but refuses to play the Video, Music, or Photo regardless of wether its on a USB drive on the network.

Previous models didnt suffer this problem as I have 2 different older units both of which work.