Forced to back up to DROPBOX ! .. I don't think so!

Guys & Girls … I am new to this WD Community  … but here goes … management will probably delete this !!

I have been using WD products and WD Smartware on multiple computers at home for many years … and updating to each new software version as it came along .

WHAT A DIRTY TRICK THE LAST UPDATE WAS !!!  … locked me out of auto updates to my USB portable hard drive for auto updates and auto backups … unless I backed up all my files to Dropbox  … and paid to update my WD Smartware software to Pro version …

_ What a rip off of  your loyal customers … !!! _

I am discontinuing all use of WD Smartware on all three of my computers … and changing to Clickfree  … it’s going to cost more that the WD Smartware upgrade  … BUT I GET TO CHOOSE WHERE MY FILES GET BACKED UP TO !!


Hi ozricko75, Smartware continues to be a free backup software, there are some users that are reporting problems with Smartware not recognizing the external drive, but this is not the way it should work. I recommend you to call tech support directly, so they can guide you on some troubleshooting steps. 

Service & Support

Hi All, The same thing happended to me and all I can see is Drop Box and does not recognize my WD MyBook Essential 3.0 drive. I cannot even access what is on my external drive now…

I have just found same problem when updated to WD Smartware Version 2.4.0 for my 2TB MyBook Essential. I could not do anything  (Backup & Retrieve tabs grayed out; no icon for the backup destination to the 2TB MBE, but one for DROPBOX) except accept 30 day free trial of Smartware Pro with NO OPTION but to backup to DROPBOX.

Why did I pay for that little box?I thought

  1. I had paid the full price for backups as long as I needed them.

  2. the little box was meant to be taking the backups.

I could have separately signed up to DropBox without going through WesternDigital.

What gives?

What are the odds that at the end of the 30 day “FREE TRIAL” I will find no functionality unless I pay for PRO? At that point I will ditch the whole thing as a RIP OFF.