Force TVDB rescan of a folder

Is there way to force WDTV to do a media rescan of a specific folder where it looks up information on TVDB?  Can this be done on USB and Network shares?  I’ve tried deleting all the metathumb, jpg and xml on the folder along with any other WDTV created content in that folder.  I even went as far as renaming the .wdtv folder on the root folder for backup.wdtv thinking it was a database issue but to no avail.  I know I can do that for each TV episode individually but that’s an obvious pain. 

If an episode of a TV episode cannot be found on TVDB, why does the WD say “Network Connectivity Error” instead of something like “Episode Not Found”?  Doesn’t make sense.


Have you tried to press the reset button?

i see what you mean.  there are 4 options, which would you suggest?  they seem to deal only with the WDTV box itself and not with any attached media.