Force Bitrate for Netflix and WD TV Live

Is it possible to force video quality / bitrate for Netflix with the WD TV Live (3rd gen)?

Using the shortcut (ctrl+alt+shift+s) with a USB keyboard doesn’t work. I know it is possible to get to the bitrate force menu with remote controls of other devices and consoles for example up, up, down, down, up, down etc. but I can’t find anything similar for the WD TV Live.

Thank you in advance.

Not that I’ve seen…  All of that is controlled from your account settings at


Problem is they manage it acourding to bandwidth even if set to HD on the account.

I submitted it under Idea Exchange. As there is a shortcut via keyboard one can use when the content is playing (on PC though, doesn’t work on WD TV and a keyboard) it should be possible to do with a firware update.

Some days netflix limits me to very low rates for some reason (288 bitrate) and I found that 'n dont have issues with 1750 when set manually (tested with my PC). Even 480p is acceptable and doesn’t buffer again but 288 is just horrible.

Great idea, you can change / check bitrate on a PC and a Roku, it would nice to do it on a WD also.