For those with Linksys E3000 and WDTV Live Hub

My set up:

Linksys E3000 Router

Desktop PC with Windows 7 & Norton Internet Security 2011 (wireless connection)

Laptop with Windows 7 & Norton Intenet Security 2011 (wireless connection)

WDTV Live Hub (wired)

I could not get the Hub to see the network shares on my PC and Laptop during initial setup.  I would select Network Shares as a Source and the Hub would only display the name of my router.  I fixed it by configuring firewall settings in Norton.  Open up Norton and click “Settings”.  Then choose “Network Settings”.  You should see “Trust Control” and a link to “Configure[+]” next to it.  Click on “Configure[+]”.  On the left hand side of the next screen you should see “Network Details”.  Underneath it is a box that says “Trust Control” with a drop-down arrow next to it.  Click the arrow and hopefully you see the name of your Router.  Select your router and click on the “Edit” link just about the drop-down list.  An “Edit Network Details” window will pop up with an option to edit the “Trust Level”.  Click “Edit” and change the “Trust Level” to “Full Trust”. 

My Network shares appeared on the WDTV Live Hub after I changed the trust level in Norton!  However, the Hub does not let me choose which shared folders I want to add to the media library.  I can only see the PC and Laptop.  Selecting either one will automatically add all shared folders to the media library.  I would like to be able to choose which network shares to add.  Any suggestions?

I don’t understand why you say your E3000 had anything to do with it.

Your subject implies that this solution is only for people with an E3000, when in fact, it seems like it’s a NORTON issue, not a ROUTER issue.

You are probably correct.  I should change the title of the thread!