For Those Having Problems with OSX Lion DP4 & Time Machine Error - Please Read

The MyBook Live [1TB] is not working with OSX Lion DP4 & Time Machine.

Time Machine can see the “TimeMachine” Disk on MyBookLive-backup however, backup fails.

I get an error, “The network backup disk does not support the required AFP features”

Image below…

Uploaded Image

Are there plans to update the firmare to make this accessible in the future?

Thank you.

Thanks for bringing this up. I will have the team investigate.


I have the exact same issue.  Would appriciate a fix/ solution. I have the 2 TB Version of WD Live. Cheers. 

Same problem here.

Apple has made changes to AFP. This is going to require updates to Netatalk. Unfortunately while Lion is still in development, Netatalk is not going to be finalized. We will have to wait until it is out of Beta to make any updates.


Thanks  for the update.  Can one safely assume that Western Digital will indeed be addressing this issue then?  Lion will be out within a month and a half tops, and I rely on my WD MyBook Live for Time Machine backups.


Yes. We have an update coming out next month, so unless the source is released this week, we will likely have to have another update in the August timeframe to address this.

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Thank you for the replies! Also, can you please keep us updated as you have been if anything should change. I cannot wait until this is fixed :slight_smile:

I don’t have Lion, but this same scenario suddenly started happening with me after I upgraded to 10.6.8.   Any thoughts? Life was good until this happened, now I am dead in the water as far as backups go.  Love the MyBook Live, and I am hoping for a quick fix!

You can monitor this site. Once the release the source, we will need to take it in and do testing to make sure it works. We have tested the Beta 4 and it seems good, but need to wait for the final drop.

Hey WDTony,

I updated the NAS to beta4 myself, but I still get this error when trying to backup to TM:

“7/5/11 11:13:35.028 AM Destination /Volumes/TimeMachine does not support TM Lock Stealing”

Anything else you changed (configs, …) when testing?

Hi Tonny, I’ve got exactly the same problem, any update regarding this issue recently?

I’m hopeless without my book live backin up my mac!\

many thanks

Indeed. I am just following up as now that the GM was released, are we getting closer to anything final?

Thank you again for your support.

My understanding is that WD is waiting for the final release of netatalk 2.2, the AFP protocol suite, not the final release of Lion.  Apple’s AFP is closed-source, AFAIK, whereas netatalk is open source and can be compiled for the Mybook.

This is [Deleted] please release a fix for this!! Many of us rely on this as our backup method. We are currently at the mercy of whover releases a fix for this. At least release a beta fix so we can get an idea, and attempt to get some what of a current backup.

The thing is, netatalk 2.2 final is already out for a few days. It is only available for paying customers (currently Netgear only). See:

So let’s hope they pay them, or at least give an update based on 2.2b4

Thank you, Tony.

I note that the Netatalk 2.2 code has now been released but only to paying customers ( 

We currently have several of MyBook World Edition NAS devices on our network, and I’m about to approve the purchase of a significant number of WD 6TB NAS devices. We’ve put this on hold until compatibility with OS X Lion 10.7 can be determined.

As it currently stands, the latest released version of the firmware for these devices is not compatible with Lion.

Do you have – or can you seek – an official word from Western Digital as to whether, and when, a firmware update will be available (even as a Beta) that will restore interoperability between the latest version of OS X (i.e. Lion) and your devices?

Kind regards,

Simon Pope

CTO, Veriluma

I bought my WD Book Live a week ago.  If a quick update from WD? - to give my WD Book Mac Lion support? I hope that very much. If not I give the unit back this week.

We are working on a solution for My Book Live. As I stated earlier in this thread, we will likely not have it out before OSX Lion is released but we will have a solution. We have a firmware update coming out in the next few weeks, but it WILL NOT contain the Time Machine fix. It is likely that the firmware update for this will be sometime in August (depending on how fast we get it tested). We have verified that the released code works , but as I said, it is not tested (Yes we are talking to the Netatalk team).

As for older WD NAS product, this will be on a case by case basis if we get a fix in for Lion. There is no guarantees here as this requires different resources from different teams. This is the best info I can give right now.


Thank you, Tony. That’s very much appreciated.