For the photographer's workflow

I cannot see how this drive(s) will benefit a professional photographer. Mostly, the archival enthusists as well as the professional photographer save their images in three major formats, RAW, Tiff, and DNG. All of these with embeded thumbnails are not viewable with the software provided by WD. How hard could this be people? When you are looking for a specific image to bring up, assumming you don’t label every image independantly other than by model, date, or event, you have to literaly re-download all the images in a folder in order to find the one that you are looking for.  In some instances this means folders that hold hundreds of images, some at 200+mb a photo, of the same event. When you have images that hold mega content this means A LOT of extra time. Please WD, think of workflow as well. Let other formats be visible via embeded thumbnai other than just simply jpg. images. I might have to change storage devices if this does not happen soon. A shame.


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If I would have known this was the case I most certainly would not have bought this storage device. I may even have to get rid of it if this does not change. Bad reviews will definately hurt the market for this device regarding photographers in their own forum discussions.

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I totally agreee. The deveice is more or less useless for storing raw files as long as there is no support for viewing thumbnails. I couldn´t imagine this would be a problem when I purchased the device. it would definitly have been a deal breaker had I known of this lack of support. 

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Please add raw thumbnail support asap or market the My Passport Wireless Pro for Amateurs