For the next firmware update (idea)

Can we get some better .mp4 playing functionality? Thank you!

Hi kpapamar,

If you have any ideas for the WD TV Live (and its firmware), there’s a special forum for sharing those ideas located here:

Please browse / search through the forum for other ideas regarding MP4 playback before posting a new one, as there will likely be some existing posts that describe what you want.

If you see an idea you like, click the Kudos star.  This lets WD keep track of popular ideas and helps them prioritise new features to investigate / implement.

If you decide to create a new post there, please be as descriptive as possible about the idea you have (e.g. what functionality are you looking for regarding MP4 playback - they already play fine on my unit!).



I would like to see audio bypassing mode. I’m sooo tired of the **bleep**ty ausio support it offers. Let my surround processor do its thing!!!