For Anyone Who Is Having Trouble Streaming Flac

After a while I finally got to stream flac files from my pc. Setup media player libraries with all the files you wish to stream and setup streaming rights for the Wd live and you should then get a folder on the Wd live called My Media Library. Flac files stream from this folder no trouble.


Thanks for sharing.

Were you getting any specific errors before?

“…Flac files stream from this folder no trouble. …”

Well , yes, from an external USB HDD it works with my SMP , too.

BUT: What about gapless playing ?

Do you have breaks betwenn the songs while streaming the FLAC files of a live album ?

I don’t have any problems playing my flac library either. (Well it’s a bit laggy going through my 10,000 song library at times).

I’d be interested in the gapless playing too though! No fun especially for Live albums or something like Pink Floyd DSOTM that were recorded as one seamless performance. Perhaps something can be done in a firmware update?

I’ve not tried gapless yet but will give it a try at some point tomorrow.

Thanks Paul


You could rip a live Cd as a single image file then convert to flac, although you won’t be able to skip tracks it is a way of listening to concerts etc. I myself have over 200 cds that are live concerts. A lot of ripping to do I think.

Thanks Paul

I am not sure if I understand correctly: You are using a DLNA remote client on the mobile device managing streaming flac from NAS to WDTV? If yes, this is not working in my case:

I get a message like “… Error 402”, saying that ther is no or inappropriate response from the WDTV Live.

WDTV Live with latest firmware, JAN 20, 2013.

Synology NAS with FLAC files

ACER Iconia A200 Tab

I tried nearly any app, it is not working with FLAC fils but it works well with mp3.

Anyway, using the WD TV remote control it is possible to stream the FLACs. BUT: Not all ripped filed are listed when browsing the directories.