Foobar2000 control point playback of flac with album art

I have flac files on my laptop with embedded album art along with the usual other meta tags. I can play these back via USB connected directly to the WD Live Plus and the album art shows properly on the display.

I’d also like to use Foobar2000 as a control point with the WD TV Live as a DMR (similar to Play To from WMP but WMP/Windows doesn’t natively support playback of flac). This works with Foobar2000 (with setting to NOT transcode flac), but the ALBUM ART doesn’t show up in the display (the meta tags all display properly). Has anyone gotten Foobar2000 in control point mode, pushing flac content to the WD TV Live WITH ALBUM ART SHOWING?

Foobar2000 v.1.1.7

Foobar doesn’t say it will do it, so I’d have severe doubts whether anyone has “gotten it to work”.

They list album art when Foobar is acting as a Server, but it’s not listed in the Control Point features.

Thanks. I read that blurb but wasn’t sure exactly what it implied about album art.

Are there any other DMCs that CAN push flac (including artwork) to a DMR  like WD TV Live?