Followup To Previous Posting - MyBookLive not saving in iTunes

Hello all.

I had another post regarding library not loading, well it did load, just took very long as one of the members pointed out. But I have another issue.

Why is the iTunes scan not saved, or do I need to manually save it when complete? I have had to restart, or close iTunes on some occassions and have found when I return, the scan is gone, I will select "MyBookLive in iTunes, and it will spin and spin and then go back to my other music directory, which is on another drive, I loaded a copy of all my music on the MyBookLive drive for my family to have access to it at all times, I take my copy on the road when I travel. This happens to the wifes and the kids computers also, and they have noted that they have to rescan all the time, and it takes about a day and a half for my library to load.

Am I missing something, anyoneelse have this issue, I would really appreciate any help I can get.


Make sure you followed the steps to make the drive an iTunes Server

I have had some issues with mine since the latest Lion update. I really was not paying attention before, so I can’t say that is the problem for sure.

How many songs do you have?