Following initial successful setup ... suddenly no more connection to MB Live Duo from MacBook

Hi all, am new to the forum and to WD products. Could seriously use some help with the following situation.

Bought a MYB Live Duo 4tb yesterday and once home proceeded with set up via my MacBook Air. All went went, and NAS was found as an external drive. Then proceeded with reconfiguration for RAID 1, which took hours. WD Quick View shoswed that both drives were fine.

Duo Live main disk and Duo Live Back-up both showed up in the MacBook finder’s list of devices as drives, with the back-up not connectable.

When I cklicked on “connect” for the main disk (A), it eventually resulted in a pop-up window indicating that the server for MyBookLiveDuo could not be found, or was not available. Immediately after this message, the icons of both disks disappeared from the devices list in the finder.

This has been happening throughout the day now. WD Quick View also does not pick up the NAS anymore. Still can access remotely, but obviously that is useless right now.

I have rebooted both the NAS and the MAcBook numerous times, factory set the NAs a couple of times, but no success. The NAS has simply disappeared.

I can somehow imagine this may have to do with the network setp-up of my MacBook, but as I’m fairly a-technical when it comes to this stuff. I’m seriously at a loss … and getting seriously frustrated in the process. So much for easy setp up and use, as advertisded by WD.

Your user-friendly help would be very much appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance!


I recommend that you try resetting the drive by pressing the reset button for 4 seconds, you can also try plugging the drive directly to the computer just for testing purposes. 

Thanks. But pleasecread my initial message. I did the reset multiple times. No change. Simply can’t connect directly, but have to go through via remote access on the web.