Folders suddenly changed to alphabetical order. How to change back?


On my Passport for Mac the folders suddenly changed to being displayed in alphabetical order, instead of the specific order I had put them in. Everything is mixed up now and I am wondering if there is a way to undo this and change it back to what it was. When I click the Finder to see how it is supposed to be displayed under “View” and “Arrange By”, it still says “None”. So, the view wasn’t changed there, it just suddenly changed on its own, which is terrible, as I had dozens of folders in a specific order and it would take forever to reorganize.

Any idea of what I could do to fix it?



You ought to select an Arrange By category to sort the folders. Because by default the alphabetical sorting will be implemented by the Mac computer.

The Mac’s default sorting for “Arrange By” is “None” and it still is, I checked. When I add new folders to the Drive, they will stay where I put them and not go into the new alphabetical order. It’s very strange, I did not consciously click anything to put it into that order, it somehow happened by accident. Before, I always dragged the folders to where I wanted them and that’s where they stayed. Now everything is mixed up. Not sure what could have caused it, but it is probably too late to undo it now (Tried Command Z when it first happened, but that didn’t help, either).