Folders Locked

OK so I can’t figure this one out. I have a MBL 3TB running the latest firmware (Version:MyBookLive 02.11.09-053 : Core F/W). I have one user (admin) and four shares (Movies/Music/TV_Shows/Public). For some reason on my TV_Shows folder I don’t have access to drop or move any files. From what i can tell on the Dashboard and Properties all the shares and rights are normal…ideas?

Upon further investigation, if I create a new Folder that one works fine. My previously created folders appear to be locked…but they aren’t.

Same here, annoying!! If I try to put a file in a folder with others I can´t! I have to put the other files out of the “locked folder”, delete it, and put the new files I was trying to transfer and the old files in a NEW folder. More annoying, of course, if the folder have other subfolders in it, locked too.

Please WD, fix that in the next update if possible.


Info: MBL 2 TB on Mac OS X Lion

I´ve just realized that I can´t change the name of the locked folders too :s