Folders locked

I have problem with folders locking. Under setting in shares, i have made sure that certain folders are public so everyone can access them on my network, with only personal folders locked to that user.

But sometimes i create a new folder under a FOLDER which is available publicly, or some other user does the same, that folder gets locked and can only be accessed by the user who has created it. E.G. FOLDER X/FOLDER Y - CREATED BY ME IS LOCKED FOR ANOTHER USER, even though another folder E.G… FOLDER X/FOLDER Z - CREATED BY ME, is available to all.

But i have noticed new folders i create are just locked from now on. Why are so folders getting locked all of a sudden?


i don’t use userspecific account on my mbl. But i think it is a ‘normal’ linux behaviour when umask for that specific user is not set to something like ‘777’.  I think you should use public folder with public user only or change umask for that user. But if you do so all private shares from that user will be opened as public.