Folders in RAID become Read Only


Hi I’m Having MAC Server OS X 10.5.8 connected to GSpeed esPro 2*4 TB RAID 5 with miniSAS cable thru ATTO ExpressSASR680 RAID controller card. Last week we had an internet disconnection and shared storage(XSERVE) was not available thru network. As troubleshotting i’ve performed below steps,

  1. Removed the miniSAS cable at server end and plugged in back to check the connection
  2. Restarted the MAC server couple of times

This was resolved later and the issue was Ethernet port was disabled ( Don’t know how it got disabled)
But now while restarting the MAC server I’m receiving the attached error ,

And all the shared folders are now readonly along with the lock option is showing as greyed out which will only allows to copy files from server only not able to paste/save any files in to the shared folders.

One of the hard disk got failed in the RAID and i replaced 2days before and rebuilding is completed.

Appreciate if anyone can help me on this please ?
Thanks in Advance,

Binu V Pillai


The partition is corrupted and it needs to be cleaned. Your two options are to transfer the data off to another location and then Erase it in the Disk Utility. That will clean the partition.

If you don’t have space to transfer the data to but need it then you can attempt repairing the partition with Disk Warrior a 3rd party rebuilding app with a very high success rate.


Hi Rydia,

Thanks you very much for the quick response. Few queries to address before I proceed with the options you mentioned.

  1. Is it fine to go with the disk repairing when the storage is shared ?
  2. Should I need to take any precautionary steps before doing the disk repair ?
  3. Do you have any links which will give a guidance for the disk format/partition erase ?
  4. Disk repairing will take long hours or is it will be a fast process (my data is 4.5 TB)

  1. Yes, that doesn’t matter to the partition
  2. There are none to take
  3. Standard Erasing from Disk Utility: Erasing a drive in Disk Utility
  4. Using Disk Warrior is a very fast process, usually under 20 minutes.



Managed to repair with Disk Warrior. Read only status has been changed share drive is working fine.

Thank you very much for your valuable guidance…Much appreciate