Folders etc

After updating to new firmware as everyone knows we have lost the old desktop…I now have a problem…I have a master folder with sub folders. How do I re name folders? and how do I move a folder out of the master folder…used to be easy with old desktop now I can’t seem to find any actions on the web page… What a mess… any help appreciated… TOM

You can move/delete/rename subfolders within Shares by using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder while connected to the local network My Cloud. Unfortunately with the My Cloud Desktop application being end of life (since 2016 by the way) one is forced to either use the web portal, the My Cloud mobile apps, or use the insecure FTP feature.

Alternately one could setup a VPN server on their local network for remote access to the My Cloud which would give one similar access as if one was connected to the same local network as the My Cloud.

If one absolutely must have the Desktop program one could try rolling back the firmware of their single bay My Cloud and see if they can still use the Desktop program. Use the forum search feature to find past discussions on rolling back the single bay My Cloud firmware. One can find past firmware links at the following post.