Folders disappearing but reappear on restart - Fixed

I know this has been talked about for years and have read many of the posts but they don’t solve the problem. My issue is the same but maybe slightly different. The WD disk sits there and sometimes will show folders but then the next time I open it they are gone, still showing as taking space but nothing to be seen except a white space. If I restart the drive they re-appear. The Mac can see the drive but can’t access it. I’ve updated the firmware and reformatted the drive but the same thing occurs. It doesn’t make any difference if I use a hub or plug direct into the computer. I have another of the same drive that was sold as Mac ready and that seems fine but how is it different to the one I have formatted myself? As I can get it to work by restarting it I suppose this is not as bad as others are finding but it gives me no confidence that this will continue or that WD see it as a problem that might be due to the way the drive functions. As it is I now have had to back up the back up.

Is there a solution to this or is it something structural within the operating software of the drive? Any suggestions welcome.

Hi Merluza,

You should refer below mentioned KBA in this concern.

Hi Brandon. P,

Thanks for getting back. I am using a Mac and the attached directions are for PC. Is there a way for me to do this on a Mac?

Many thanks.

Hi Merluza,

Pardon me. You can have a look on this KBA to follow on macOS.


I’ve done that and hopefully that should solve it. I’ll let you know either way.

Many thanks,



I’ve had this set up for 4 days now and it’s done the trick.