Folders disappeared!


I’m using my drive for a few years on windows 10.

I’ve suddenly noticed that more and more folders have disappeared and now i have several folders that have a GUID name (i.e. d783d200540d0ea0ec7763508ee0da33) and when i click them, most are empty…

If i try to access a folder that disappeared by typing it’s path in windows explorer, I can get in.
I’ve tested the same drive on another windows machine and same thing.

What’s going on?

Hello sectioni,

First, you should check the health of the drive using Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool or WD Drive Utilities. If it passes, reformat the drive before taking the backup of important data then check for the same issue.

The diagnostic passed.

100% of the data is “important data”.
How do I backup folders that I can’t see and don’t remember their names?

And I would like to know the cause of the issue before deciding on a solution.