Folders access password issue

Hi, I use the disk from iPad or iPhone, everrything is fine, but even being logged as admin from my PC, when trying to open the protected folders, a pop up ask for password and doesn’t accept any.

I’ve tried top change the admin passowrds several times, but no way, I still cant acces them. Any ideas about this issue?


Just update: I can access the folders only trough the Internet, using the login with email account plus two passwords but if I try to open the protected folders directly from my network places, there is no way I can open them, no one password is accepted.

login to the devices webpage and make sure the account your using has access the the folders your trying to access also make sure to you username and password that your setup on the mybooklive and not your pcs credentials

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Try a net use (If this is a Windows OS) and delete the remote —> net use /delete “insert path here with out the quotes”

It seems this access issue is a touchy thing. I get a network access password dialog box trying to access MBL from any computer on the network. I understand. I tried the main desktop computer and no password would work. I tried my personal and admin passwords. They worked yesterday after I set this thing up. Then I go to my laptop and straight away have no problem accessing the MBL with my personal password. I hope I just mistyped something and that this isn’t a consistant problem.:manwink:

I had problems too and spent a lot of time with the Knowledge base articles and manuals.  The below method is based on those but in a step-by-step.  Wish this was in the manual.  This is really sweet once you get it working!  Like having your own Super Mainframe

  1. In Windows 7 go to Windows Explorer.
  2. Click on Network
  3. Allow Windows to turn on Network Discovery if it is not already on
  4. Look for MyBookLive (or whatever you have named your MyBookLive if you changed the name during setup) and highlight. Right-click and select open.
  5. Now Highlight the Share you want to get into and right-click.
  6. Select Map Network Drive
  7. For Network Drive pick the default suggested or another drive not in use.  Make a note of the drive you chose.
  8. Checkmark ‘Reconnect at Logon’ if your computer is in a private and secure location and you want to connect every time you boot up.
  9. AND THEN Checkmark’Connect using different credentials.’  Click on ‘Finish’
  10. The Windows Security dialog box will come up where you will select ‘Use another account.’   Do NOT use the default unless your Windows User and passwork are the same on both Windows and MyBookLive.
  11. For User Name put in the name of your Netbook with a backslash and then the name of your share.  Example:   MyBookLive-Main\LocoUser.
  12. For Password put in the password you assigned the Share when you were setting up the NetBookLive.   Example:    mZ25=bGud9
    13.You may wish to select  ‘Remember my credentials’ if your computer is in a secure location.
    14.  Yeah!  The password will be accepted and it is time to reboot your computer if you are going to map more Shares on the MyBookLive. So far I haven’t been able to map another Share if the Netbook Drive is already in use by another Share.

Thank you!

You are most welcome.  Happy computing!