Folder with apostrophe - cannot get info

I searched on the board and did not find a post on this problem.  I noticed that all the movies I had which would not allow ‘get info’ had an apostrophe (ie Ferris Bueller’s day off;  Babette’s Feast).    Removing this fixed the problem.  Has this been reported to WD?

Honestly, I have not noticed this, I will try to replicate this.

I saw a second problem with apostrophe in names.

If a directory, containing a VIDEO_TS directory (with DVD ripped files), has an apostrophe in its name, it is seen as a directory, not as a video.

The movie is not accessible from the first level.

If I remove the apostrophe in the name of the directory, it is seen immediatly after as a video.

I forgot to precise that in that case, too, I cannot retrieve info. The menu is not proposed (probably because the directory is seen as a directory and not a video).