Folder "wdsmartware.swstor"


In my zeal to delete all wd software before I download Mavericks to my Apple laptop I came across the folder “wdsmartware.swstor”. I dragged it to trash and when I emptied the trash I saw that there were thousands of items in the folder to be deleted. I got nervous and restored the folder.

Should I delete this folder before I download Mavericks?

What are the consequences of deleting this folder?

Thank you, comtn

Why are you wanting to delete the WD Software? That folder should be on your WD device too. Check to see if it is there. See image below taken on my PC.


Have you looked at the Apple site ( ) and checked to see what all you need to do prior to downloading and installing a new/updated OS.

I have an old Apple Mac and I know that I can install or reinstall the OS without having to remove or lose any of my other software as long as I do not do a clean install.

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cat0w (USA)


Thank you for your response. There has been an serious ongoing issue regarding the conflicts between the wd software and  Mavericks. Numerous people have had their wd external hard drives rendered useless and their backed up data lost after downloading Mavericks. Apple claims no responsibility and provides no advice which is disappointing since we are all in this together when problems arise from incompatible software. Please see the posts under “external drives - Mac externals”.

Thanks again, comtn