Folder view showing complete listing including folders inside other folders

Recently the folder view has changed on my unit.  I have my WD TV Live unit connected to a MyBook NAS which has five folders stored on it - TV Shows, Muisc Videos, Movies, Pictures and Software.  When I browsed by folder under videos it used to only list these 5 folders.  Now when I do the same i have the original 5 folders listed as well as all the folders within the original 5.  Now there are hundreds of folders listed insstead of 5.  I havent changed the structure of the folders, the only change was an update to the latest firmware on the WD TV Live. Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

You can try pressing the Green button on the remote control, to change the view menu. See if that helps. The problem might also be on the media server side, so you might want to select the option to select the rescan option from the My Book dashboard.