Folder Tumbnails on Local Drive

OK - I have a folder on a local drive for Television shows.

Inside that folder, i have other subfolders for each show . . .“Seinfeld”, “Eastbound and Down”, etc.

The problem is, I cannot get those TV show name folder to display a thumbnail. It’s wierd cause i got their subfolders to display thumbnails . .(“Season 1”, “Season 2”, etc.)  but not the show name folders themselves.

If a folder is named “Seinfeld”, I am dropping a jpg in that folder named “Seinfeld.jpg”.

Am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.

Try to rename thumbnail to folder.jpg.

thank you - i should have mentioned that i had tried that as well - still no dice.

make sure they are under 70kb in size

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did NOT know that!

will check tonight.

Thank you.

worked like a charm . . .

thanks brucered

In case others reach here searching for a similar problem and the above solution does not work, check if the folder.jpg or <thumbnail_name>.jpg is a regular uncompressed or compressed RGB JPEG format. Folder thumbnails that are saved in progressive JPEG format are not handled by the WDTV.