Folder Tree View


just a simple question:

I’m new to the Live Hub, I had a classic WD TV: with this I could just plug my external hard disk

and access to the folder tree the same way as a normal file manager.

It seems to me that Live Hub just show all files (music / videos) together, even if I choose the

“folder” view.

I have upgraded the Live Hub to the last firmware version.

Is it possible to get the same, well ordered folder / file structure as in WD TV?

If so, how?
Have to admit it’s quite difficult to use this “apparently” easy interface.

Many thanks in advance.

Yes you can view by folders and not all together.

All you have to do is go to Videos or Music then select Filter/Sort (or press the green A button on the remote), then select Filter, then Folders.

I’ll try as soon as possible.

Many thanks.