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I know that this is a question that has been dealt with a lot on here, but despite always finding the same answer as to how to fix it I can’t seem to get thumbnails to display on my folders for my WDTV HD (2014).  I have tried using the default Mochi theme as well as other custom themes.  I have all my folders set up containing the show.mp4 or mkv, show.xml, and show.metathumb.  Also each folder is set up with !Folder.jpg. 

Despite this the folders only appear as the default folder icon instead of the thumb.  I should mention that once inside each folder all the videos show as thumbnail images.

Any ideas that people may have would be appreciated, this is driving me crazy.

xmasask wrote: also each folder is set up with !Folder.jpg.

dunno where you got that naming convention from ?

it’s should be either  folder.jpg  (if your thumbnails are all jpg)  or   0.metathumb  (if your thumbnails are .metathumb)

folder.jpg’s work perfect for me on the 2014 WDTV Media Player … 4TB USB HDD

plus, provide a lot more info about your setup /file/folder structure  … eg. Network,Local,Nas,Thumbdrive etc

spent about a week with user swenson5 please read her posts (ignore the linksheet stuff … but pay attention to the folder.jpg stuff)

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Thanks for your help!  The link you sent was able to direct me and get it working.  I had my Macbook linked to the WDTV via network share and was able to watch videos but I didn’t realize I had to have the media library turned on as well.  Everything seems to be working as it should now.