Folder thumbnails will not appear using DVD folder structure

I have been waiting for a firmware update that would finally display the folder thumbnails correctly but even the latest version does not appear to work.  I have tried many of the “fixes” listed here over the past year with no success.

Basically I need to know what is the best method to store the files on the WD TV Live Hub.  I prefer to take rip the DVD straight to the Hub with the normal DVD menu / structure so all of the features are still available for my kid.  However, the last year of updates prevent the thumbnails from showing in the Video menu and without the thumbnails displaying properly, my kid cannot seem to locate the correct movie.  The content is found and all of the info displays but it will not display in main menu for video files.

The folder structure is each individual movie file is in it’s own directory with the audio/video folders inside of the main folder.

Would it be better for me to use handbrake to rip the files into MKV format (save space)

You might start by posting in the correct forum.

This forum is for the 2009 model WDTV Live HD and 2010 model WDTV Live Plus.

The forum for the 2010 WDTV Live Hub is here:

most people I have noticed create genre folders. you can find a lot of image icons in different formats here in the theme section already or make your own. these get named folder.jpg or folder.metathumb

within the genre folder you have all your movie files. Although you want your movie files to be single. As the hub does support raw vobs in dvd structure its messy and has issues as you have noticed.

Your best bet to get a single file is when you rip them from the DVD/BR rip to .iso/.img. whatever program you use to rip probably has this option built in. Basically what this does is makes a container to house the DVD/BR in its original format in a single file. Think of the .iso/.img as the disk as a container to hold everything together.

Now you will place all your single action movie files together in the Action genre folder and so on.


-folder.jpg [genre folder image]

-Batman.Begins.iso [movie file container with vobs inside]

-Batman.Begins.jpg [movie image cover…for your son to easily pick a movie]

-Batman.Begins.xml [information file]











keep in mind, if using the internal hub scraper tool to get images and data it pulls .metathumb so you will also want to use metathumb for your genre images as metathumbs overrule jpg.

I also make a -= Kids =- folder with all kids stuff in there. with the -= in front it makes it the first folder in front of action so my daughter doesnt have to scroll through the rest of the genre folders. Everything for her is in that folder as structured above in the example

May take some time to setup at first from what you currently have but once all setup its easy to maintain with new additions.

hope that helps