Folder Thumbnails Problem

Hey guys,

This has probably been asked loads on here but I’ve been trying for ages and trawling through forum posts and just can’t seem to find what I need.

Anyway I have my movies set up into folders e.g. Action, Adventure, Drama etc.

Then inside each of these folders I have a folder.jpg with the corresponding image from this forum post HERE

But they just wont show up all I get is the default black square with the green folder Or one of my movie thumbnails.

I’ve tried all the suggestions that I have found like deleting the “thumbs” folder and unplugging the Hub but for some reason they still wont display. So I’ve started to wonder whether its a firmware issue? Or am I just doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance

What firmware version do you have?


Which i think is the latest firmware.

Read this Topic?

Maybe on the third page you’ll find what you’re looking for, worked for others as you can see in the Topic …