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I have this WD TV Live (WDBHG70000NBK-HESN) and the latest firmware. I am having issues with displaying a folder thumbnail, not the movie thumbnail.

I have two folders that my media resides in, one regular folder called Movies (which contains all my regular movies) & a sub folder called Kids Movies (contains my kid’s movies). Anyways I used the thumbnail creator that is on these boards and kept the two created folder.jpg images for Movies & Kid Movies. I placed them within the correct folders and nothing… Movies & KId Movies still display the first movie that resides within that folder. I have unplugged my WD TV Live, deleted the .wd_tv folder all of the backdrop folders, & xml/metathumb info. Then it finally worked… until the media content was scanned again. Then the first movies were the thumbnails not the folder.jpg…

I admit its a nice to have feature but I have read most of the posts pertaining to this subject and its just confusing why this is still happening. Any help is appreciated.

Hi there,

I have the same problem.

Some of my movies in my collection is part of a duology, trilogy, quadrilogy and so on. I want to put these movies in separate folders, but I can’t set the thumbnail for these folders. As JohanV said, I got the thumbnail from one of the movies instead of the folder.jpg. How to solve this? It is actually very annoying, since I can’t build up the folder and subfolders as I want it to be.

Someone know about a workaround?

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Known issue Give it a kudo is it affects you.

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Hi guys

I had this problem too & I agree it’s pretty easy to get confused when trying to find answers.

After alot of trial & error I found that if you rename the thumbnail file !folder.metathumb instead of folder.jpg it seems to load as the first image. I also found that most of the time I had to restart the WDTV to get it to load. As mentioned you will also need to delete the thumbs folder from within the WDTV directory via your PC. (Go to the WDTV on the network, open the .wdtv folder (This is a hidden folder so you’ll need to ensure your PC is set to show hidden files & folders. Inside that folder should be one called “thumbs”. Delete the “thumbs” folder, reset your device & hopefully your folder thumbs should show as the images you renamed !folder.metathumb

I should mention that I am using WDTV Live Hub but it sounds like its the same issue.

Good luck.


MikTylor wrote:

Hi guys


I had this problem too & I agree it’s pretty easy to get confused when trying to find answers.

Especially when threads and responses are in the entirely wrong forum.

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