Folder thumbnail issues again


I’ve got a folder of “In the night garden” videos (a UK childrens TV series) on a USB connected drive. Using TVDB I’ve got the episode syopsis and background graphics displaying nicely. However, the folder icon is from a film call “99”, probably because there are 100 episodes of “Night Garden” and they are numbered.

So I’ve done a number of things to try and fix this. I’ve placed a folder.jpg in the “night garden” folder, Erased the wdtv hidden folder (with the thumbs folder), told it to rebuild the media library, then restarted the device.

But still I have this “99” folder thumbnail, not the one I want to use. Help !

What else can I do ?

The TVDB doesn’t maintain “poster art” per episode.

In the Night Garden only has a single poster for the series, so I’m not sure where that “99” thing might be coming from.

Are you using the SMP’s “Get Content Info” to do this?  Or some other program?

If your files are on a network share and have been added to the Media Library, go to Setup/System/Media Library/Media Library Manager for Network Share, then delete it from your network manager.

Then turn off the SMP, then turn it back on and navigate to the folder.  If it shows the correct thumbnail then go back and add it back to your network share library.

If it’s on a attached drive or the above doesn’t work, then unplug the power cord for about 5 min., then plug it back in and navigate to the folder and see if it is showing the correct thumb.