Folder Thumbnail Exchange

Hey guys,

So I thought that since more and more themes are being developed, that it might be a good idea to have a thread where everyone can post the folder thumbnails that they are using.  This way users might have a better choice of what can have displayed for folders.

So if you have some folder thumbnails that you would like to share with the community please post them here.

If the thumbnails you post are someone elses work or are modified from someone elses work, make sure you give them credit. 

Also, if your thumbnails are theme specific, make sure you tell what theme you developed them for.

Depending on the response, I will try to get this thread placed as a sticky later.

So here are some thumbnails that I’m developing.  This are specifically being designed to work with my Mojo theme, but I will be also adding a version that will work with standard themes.

I will add a download link once I have more thumbnails developed.

action.png   adventure.png  animation.png

I have nothing to contribute at this time other than to say…cool.

looks great TW. The transparency at the bottom though. Wouldnt there be an issue since pngs dont work for folders… isnt that what you were warning me of on my post?

NOTE: I have NOT update my firmware to 2.08

.png files are what I use for folders (folder.png) reflections display fine in all views!


Well, then you are the only one the pngs work fine for.  I think that you’ll find that even though the reflection shows up that the your folder thumbnail does not show up as a true png.


Yes, I’m aware that true pngs do not show the transparency layer.  However, as I said these are specifical for Mojo and I have a trick to make jpgs look as though they have a transparent reflective layer.

wanna share the "trick? does it require TG to generate it?

Yeah drizz, basically it’s just using the the background image as the background of the thumbnail.  This requires using a solid backdrop image for your theme or at least a solid color for the table where you thumbnails sit.  Athough this is not a perfect solution it does give the illusion of a true png reflection using a jpg.

Thats brilliant. Now I just have to figure out how you made the transparent mirror fade so well. As you can see by this one. It doesnt fade like yours… not as affective.

Well what you may have to do is to use something like Gimp to refine it.  My actual icon looks more like this:


But since my table is black the non-transparent parts (the black parts) just blend in.

good thread.

If WD would actually listen and enable proper .png / transparency  this would open the door for some awesome folder work…without having to do work arounds

Now I have been working on a bunch that dont require reflection




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Nice work drizz. I really like the ones with the speaker grill & white and blue backgrounds.  The speaker grill one would look even better if it could be used as a true png giving it that see through look.