Folder Thumbails

I have had no problems with the firmware update 2.03.24. The only difference I see, do far, is that the folders I set up now show thumbnail pictures. The pictures are the dvd cover pictures associated with the first (alphabetically) video in the folder. I like the idea of the thumbnails but is there a way to establish a thumbnail associated with the folder that is not for a particular video?

Yes, put a “folder.jpg” file in the folder.

Awesome. Thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks for the reminder. Works great.  I had one that wouldn’t “take”. But as soon as I deleted the old thumbnail from the .wd_tv/thumb folder it was immediately replaced by the new one derived from folder.jpg. :dizzy_face:

Tony, how about with music folders? I just dragged and dropped my entire itunes music folders to the internal hard drive of the hub, the folders are all there. The problem is no album covers. Most of my music is in aiff. I noticed that the album covers for itunes are stored separately from the music.  I dragged some covers manually and placed them inside the folders to see if they show up and indeed they do. Doing this manually for over a 1000+ albums is not for me. Is there a program or a tip to include the artwork already in itunes for the WD? I want to get another one to use as a music server…