Folder syncronisation


I´m usin a mac an with to syncronise folders of my cloud with folders on my mac. There for I want to know if it is possible to acces the cloud with webdav folders over the internet.

Hoping for help

You can use to mount webdav remote shares on your Mac.

But when I save the folder an restart the mac, then I the system asks for a pw and none of mine will work. So my questin is how I can connect to the webdav folder without the browser.

Hoping for help.

Did you try to add the mounted share to the login items for your user?

Now I have tried it, but it did not work well. Is there a simple way for syncronising folders, like for example Dropbox or owncloud?

On remote servers, you would have to use rsync directly. That requires minimum Linux admin knowledge, and remote SSH enablement on the device.

On local network, any sync software would work.