Folder Structure?


I have the same issue as “alikarabulut” earlier. I tried to access the Twonky with Firefox by following the instructions,-my-book-world-%28white, but I was not able to connect, the site was either down or busy? I tried by using both my device´s IP address and name. My computer is in the same LAN network as MyBook, and everything else works fine. I can also access the MyBook dashbord etc.

Any ideas what I have done incorrectly?

alikarabulut wrote:


I just want to create my own folders and name them whatever I want, like My Documentaries, My NatGeo, For Kids etc., and the folders have to be seen on TV accordingly, as we do in normal portable hard drives. How can I do this, please?


Then do that.

Organize and name your folders however you wish.

And when you tell Twonky that you want to view “Folders,” they’ll be shown to you exactly how you’ve organized them.

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Hello, what firmware version do you have? 


according to dashboard the firmware should be the latest, no new version available: 02.42.02-012

Hi again, check if you currently have the Twonky or DLNA media server. See if the following links help.

How to change to the Twonky server if you have the DLNA server.

How to access the Twonky server.


as mentioned, I already have the latest firmware, so I should have Twonky. But, when I go to the media- tab, the screen looks exactly as in the guide. And the guide informs, that the patches will not work in this case? Can this be more unclear…

Well, it seems that this WD does not work in a way it should, so maybe I will return it to the store. I was even unable to register the product via dashboard ( 30000- Unknown error ), which does not give at all more confidence for the product.

Hi rosilja, please check your private messages.