Folder structure and using on LG SMart OS tv


I wondered if there was a way to restructure the folder structure.

I basically use it as a media store for my tv and transfer files from my tv to it via the network (the drive is also connected by usb to the tv).

When I browse the files on the tv there are so many levels to click through…public, by folder user etc etc.

Is there a way to make shortcuts? in fact id be quite happily to do away with all the ‘public’ share folder etc and just have it as a regualr hdd that is accessed by network. Is this possible? Just want to click on wd my cloud on the tv and then have a list of folder, one for each family member with the videos in each.


Hello rabidhyena, you can remove the public folder by going into the DLNA server dashboard, type “network name or IP address of the My Cloud”:9000 on any web browser, from the setup menu you can disable it. Currently it is not possible to organize the folders but you can post any suggestions in the ideas board.

Your smart TV probably supports DLNA/UPnP.  Are you accessing media via a media server (e.g. Twonky on the MyCloud), or via a simple file browser?

Twonky offers a number of different ways of indexing your media library, which may help.  My FAQ on using Twonky may be helpful; see the sticky threads at the top of the forum index page.

Thanks guys. No im actually reading the hdd from the tv via the usb connection. I just want it to be simple folders.

I think you are in the wrong forum then. this is for the single drive myCloud and it does not allow access as a USB drive, just adding additional storage via USB

ok, that is news to me!

i def have the my cloud white drive. I assumed it worked with the usb 3 as well! but perhaps im just getting to the files because my tv is plugged into the same network as well. interesting. so ignore my last statement.

all i really want to do is have it so that when i log into the drive on the network, i immediately get presented with the folders im interested in and not have to drill through them all

next step is to determine how you are getting to the media I assume DLNA but filesystem is possiable.

with DLNA it seems most of this is client dependent. one thing is to keep your shared media in seperate shares and only enable media serving on these shares. at least you won’t have any non-media folders then


All I did was plug in the drive. Find it in the network places on my pc and drag movies over to that. Then the tv has add device, i go to it and then have to look through all the folders. obvioulsy i have to set up some sort of share thing as i havent done anything like that

you probably added them to the public share then as I think this is the only default share with media serving enabled. If you want any controls on file access on your local LAN, don’t use the share as it can’t be changed from public, nothing wrong with it if security is not an issue

in the UI I would create a share for media or better yet 3 shares (movies, music, pictures) then enable media serving on this and place the proper media in each. I would also disable media serving on the public share.

you can add users and set share permissions as needed. However DLNA does not support security so anyone on the LAN has read access to the media files

Have you read the suggested FAQ thread?

Where did you put your media?  Can you use a file browser on your computer to find the media and tell us where you’ve put it?  What is the structure of your media store: are all the files in one folder, or are they in hierarchical folders?