Folder Size Discrepancy on Disk - Defrag Needed?

Have an 8TB drive. 4TB Mirrored - working brilliantly


noticed a discrepancy between folder size and folder size on disk

to me this suggests drives need defragging / scan disking

eample folder 1 Size 32,7GB and same folder size on disk is 40.6GB

Drives seem to be getting very “fragmented”

any WD Utils / Tools to do this

e.g. Map a drive and usines Windows 8.x defrag - I guess won’t do it?

Please advise

Fragmentation has absolutely no bearing on drive space.

In other words, even if you defragged the drive, the space would be exactly the same.

But to help answer your question, exactly what method are you using to determine that “Size” is 32.7GB but “size on disk” is 40.6GB?

I think I know why you’re seeing this, but need to know your method first to confirm.

thankyou  TonyPh12345

  Agree will not effect space - but will effect drive performance? e.g. fragmented

I simply right clicked on Folder1 as in my example - using WIndows 7 and or 8.x - and the resulting dialog box / window advises the difference folder size and size on disk - suggesting fragmentation.

If on laptop/PC I woul dright click and scan adn defrag etc wondered if there is a WD tool or util to do this - can’t see something obvious looking - logged on to the drive via its IP address/ name

Do you have a LOT of files in that folder?

To account for an 8GB difference in size, you’ll need to have at least a million files?  Is that possible?

No, defragmenting is not going to affect performance to a significant degree.

And no, there’s no utilities available to defragment the Duo.