Folder Size Difference between PC and My Book

I noticed that the size of the categories is greatly different between what I know is on my PC and what the Smartware ‘Home’ screen shows as amount of data backed up for that category.  For instance, when I go to the “My Pictures” folder on my PC and inspect that folders properties, I find the total size of the files in the folder to be 30 Gig.  But when the WD Smartware screen shows how much space thinks My Pictures take up it is significantly less (approx. 15 gig).

I checked the file types and all my photos are either JPG or CR2, both of which are supported.  Why is there such a major difference between what my PC indicates the total size of my pictures is compared to what WD Smartware indicates?

Thank you.


The categories on WD SmartWare include all compatible files in your computer that fit said categories, instead of using dedicated folders to calculate them. For example, music album artworks are usually JPG files in the default Music folder, however, since artworks and album covers are actual JPG files then they are added into the “Pictures” category.

This means that it’s natural for the categories to display larger numbers than your default folders, as the categories scan your entire system for files that fit into said category.