Folder Sheets

I’ve searched the forum but still can not understand how the xml code works.
It will be possible to create folder sheets like wdtv live with the xml code or not at all?


That depends on the theme.

No, as of now you can’t display moviesheets for folders.  Unlike the WDTV Live, which uses a mod firmware to display moviesheets, the HUB will not display them natively, you have to use one of the modified themes to do so.  But you still can’t display them for folders due to a bug which will not allow you to display the larger thumbnail where the metadata is displayed (the bug was introduced in version 2.04.13).

You can however vote to get the HUB to use moviesheets natively HERE, and hope that WD listens to it’s users and implement this.

Also, you can find Tips on themeing HERE  and some example xmls with descriptions HERE.

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