Folder Shares not visible via SSH

Hello, I’m trying to transfer my files from My Book Word Edition to the new My Cloud EX2 using rysnc. So I created 5 Folder Shares via the UI to match with the old NAS. I’m able to SSH login on both device using PuTTY.

So, I rsync a User1 (sample folder I created) from the MYWE to MCEX2 and according to the results it was successful, but when I checked the Folder Shares via Network Mapping - there was no User1 folder created nor listed, so I SSH login and found the User1 folder was there with all the files, however the 5 Folder shares were not visible. On the old MYWE the folders are visible and are listed when logged in via SSH.

How do I access or make the Folder Shares visible when in SSH? By the way when in SSH I’m login as “root@WDMyCloudEX2 root #”

They should all be available under the /shares folder from root.

Where are you looking for them?

After I login via ssh

root@WDMyCloudEX2 / # I type “ls”

then directory list will come up with:


that’s all nothing else :worried:

Try “cd /” and then “cd shares” after that.

When you log in you’re in the use directory. The shares folder is in the root directory.

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Got it! The Folder Shares are there. Thank you very much @DarrenHill !!!

@DarrenHill we should add some more explanation here, please let me enhance your answer.

the user “root” starts in his own folder called “/root”.
The root folder, DarrenHill is pointing to, is “/”.
Some may be confused about all the roots here :smile:

Login with username “root” kicks you to its own userfolder called “/root”.
Go backwards one stair up by “cd …” and
you are at “/” which is the top level of all folders, called “root folder” - nothing to do with the userfolder “/root”.

root is the user with all privileges. Being root is “operating at the opened heart”, be careful.

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@Joerg_A - thanks, yes reading it back it could be a little clearer… :smile:

Personally I always refer to /root as the root user’s home folder, rather than their root folder, just for this very reason (and / being the root folder, as it’s the root of the hard disk, as in its highest level folder).

The old fun and games of folder root versus root user. Completely agree with all of your comments though.

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So is it possible to login as root via SSH now? I am running an older version of the firmware and in the past the only user you could login was as sshd…though the user root did exist but no one except WD knew its password. So I am surprised to see this. Can someone please confirm that you can now actually login as the user root (I’m guessing the password now is the same as sshd’s password).

@Cybernut1 the user “sshd” on some machines / firmwares is an alias for “root”. This user “sshd” has the same privileges as root, basically it is “root”.

@Joerg_A - Yes, I’m well aware of the sshd being root’s alias thing. But that’s not what I am talking about. If you read the first post in this thread specifically…he says he logged in AS the user root…not as sshd. That’s what surprised me. And I am looking to find if you can actually do that in the current firmware (mine’s older).